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I created kaia foods to make healing foods more readily available to everyone and to have fun doing it. As a busy consumer I understand how hard it can be to eat well and that convenience and taste are often major obstacles to eating right. It frustrates me that often times the only foods conveniently available are unhealthy and that many junk foods parade themselves as health food, confusing people who haven’t had time to read up on nutrition science.

So kaia foods is my humble answer to this situation. Our foods are packaged for convenience, yet they are as healthy and tasty as can be. The raw ingredients have hardly been processed and therefore retain their inherent goodness. They conform to what I call the Au Naturel Diet. The Au Naturel Diet is very simple - you eat foods that you would find, as you would find them, in nature and that will keep you healthy!! Pretty simple, eh?  And not to point out the obvious but, um, that’s also the way every other creature on earth eats.

So the Au Naturel Diet means enjoying delicious unprocessed foods like fruits, nuts, vegetables, cold-pressed oils, sprouted grains - and Buckwheat Crunchies! When I started eating au naturel per my aunt and uncle’s example (thanks Grant and Jeannette!) I instantly began to have more energy while running, swimming, and outdoor adventuring, hardly ever got sick, quickly shed the pounds I gained in graduate school, my skin improved, my cravings for junk food disappeared, the list goes on…All I want now is to share this with everyone else and make it easy to do through kaia foods’ offerings.

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