About kaia foods. kaia foods was founded with the belief that food should be treated with love and respect, not overprocessed. We create only foods that have been barely changed from their raw, natural state so as to preserve their healing properties and inherent goodness. We soak, mix, grind, and dehydrate our food (below 115° F so the enzymes don’t break down) - that’s it! No baking, frying, bleaching, weird preservatives, or other forms of adulteration.

The Process Matters. So much packaged food today has been baked, chemically treated, and inundated with unpronounceable stuff never found in nature. As a result, many of these foods have lost much of their nutritive value by the time they reach our mouths. Many foods have been so transformed by overprocessing that they can actually damage our health - even if they started with wholesome ingredients.

Think about it for a moment - many sodas are made almost entirely of corn, but in the highly processed form of high fructose corn syrup. Raw corn is nourishing, but soda is damaging to our health. Or take many granolas and breakfast cereals - by the time the original cereal grain has been milled, baked, and inundated with added sugars, it has a much higher glycemic index. Ever notice how you’re hungry again an hour after eating even “healthy” granolas, cereals, and energy bars? That’s what high glycemic index foods do to you, encouraging overeating.  High glycemic index foods are not as good for us, and have been linked to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses. Which all goes to show - the process matters!

The Story. kaia foods was born in the summer of 2006 when Nick Kelley was hiking in the Weminuche Wilderness of Colorado with his friends Nina and Billy. Somewhere just below the tree line on a sun-drenched day, inspiration struck. He decided to leave behind the world of finance and follow his dream to make minimally processed, truly healthy food more readily available to everyone. Fifteen seconds later he passed a horseshoe on the trail (no joke!) and interpreted it be a good sign for the journey ahead.


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