The past few years have seen a lot of people wake up to the importance of their gut health. It is starting to become common knowledge in society that you must eat certain foods and avoid certain habits if you want to maintain a healthy gut. However, we noticed there was still a lot of misinformation out there regarding gut health. A lot of people were providing advice and other details that were not completely accurate. It is why we wanted to start our own gut health magazine – as we want to provide readers with all the facts when it comes to their gut health.

Our journey is much like yours. We spent much of our lives not aware that it was so important to care about your gut health. We did not realize that if you eat specific foods, you can activate bad bacteria in your gut – and what damage that can do to you in the long term. When we became aware, it felt as though we had awoken to the issues that had been present in our lives up till then. It required a major shift in eating, exercising and living. But it has been worthwhile.

Now we want to share that with our audience. We want to talk about how it is so important to care about your gut health. We want to discuss the ways that you can ensure you are protecting the good bacteria in your gut and not activating the bad ones. We also keep up with all the latest news, research and articles related to gut health. We hope that you will enjoy the pieces that we share every week on our magazine. We want to become the number one source for gut health-related news. It is only possible through the passionate readership and patronage of our audience.